Location:                    Danyigba VRA New Town– Ghana

Danyigba is one of the 52 New Towns created by the VRA during the construction of the Akosombo Dam. It lies in the Kpondo District of the Volta Region in Ghana.  It shares boundaries with the Volta Lake on the northern, eastern and western sides. On the southern side lie the Host Cities of Danyigba and Dra. The New Town is easily accessible by road from Aveme Dzeme and by the Volta Lake itself with river craft and powered boats from the north.


The climate is tropical and has two rainy seasons: the major one runs from mid April to July. while the minor runs from September to November. The average annual rainfall varies from 900mm to 1300mm. The mean temperature is 27°C. The maximum and minimum temperatures vary from 22°C to 33°C respectively. March is the hottest month. July and August are the coolest months.  The average relative humidity is approximately 80%.

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