This thesis project- Voltascapes – is intended to explore the notion of the modernization of Ghanaian landscape by intervention, as demonstrated by the Volta River Project’s New Town planning.  It is also intended to offer architectural designs based on my passion for contemporary urban and architecture design with application of craftsmanship.

Rural interventions:
To seek revitalizing of VRA Resettlement through community engagement and participation in design, building and planning for vibrant community. The interventions will strengthen the community identity.  Create a sustainable ecologically living, working and learning environment.  And also create the possibly for economic opportunity.

Focal Point:  Backbone Lane


  • Use a bottom up approach to design a community learning center to empower the youth through educational awareness.
  • Identify potential economic resource.
  • Use a framework for broad-based participations for implementation and sustainable of the program


  • To design a community center as an platform to enhance the social, economic and physical condition of the community and the people.
  • To design a landscape that exploits the existing natural resources: The Volta Lake and the surrounding tropical forest.
  • To improve the system of aquaculture and so enable residents to effect a transition from subsistence aquaculture to commercial farming.

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